NATHALIE AARTS was born and lived for 21 years in Holland (Breda); during this period her interest for music developed and she studied piano, guitar and, subsequently, singing. In 1989 she got a jazz dance teacher diploma, a passion she cultivated ever since she was a little girl….



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The Soundlovers

  • Run-away 1996
  • People 1997
  • Album “People” 1997
    • Run-away (intro)
    • People
    • She Hates Love
    • Murder in Berlin
    • Sound-trax
    • Luka (cover S. Vega)
    • Tha Pleasure
    • Run-away
    • Another Day
    • Sunday
    • Greensland
    • Si (Underwater)
    • I’m Sorry
  • Another Day 1997
  • Surrender 1998
  • Mirando El Mar 1999
  • Walking 1999
  • Wonderful Life 2000
  • Living In Your Head 2000
  • Abracadabra 2001
  • Flow 2002
  • We Wanna Party 2002
  • Hyperfolk 2003
  • B-side All Day All Night 2003
  • Album 96-03 “Best of!”
    • With Bonus tracks: Surrender LIVE BAND & Abracadabra LIVE BAND
  • Shake Your Ass 2004
  • Can’t Stop Dancing 2006
  • B-side I’m Not Scared (cover) 2006
  • Run-away RMX 2008
  • My body & Soul (cover) 2008
  • Surrender 2k13
  • Run-away 2k13
  • Be My Man 2013


  • Are You Ready 1993
  • Love Is You 1996
  • Tesoro 2004

Het Kuikentje Piep & Friends (Pulcino Pio) 2013.

(c) & (p) Do It Yourself Multimedia Group (Bergamo – Italy)

Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lukas

  • Change The World 2007
  • Breathe Again 2011
  • Sad Girl 2013
  • All Right 2015 (as Nat & Kim)
  • Boogie Baby 2020

Dj Jump feat. Nathalie Aarts

  • Memories 2018
  • Crazy 2019 (on album Back To The Feat)
  • Thank You 2019 (with Jenny Dee, on album Back To The Feat)
  • L’ Amour Toujours 2020 (with Roby Giordana feat. Artisti Dance ’90)


  • Joga: Dam Daridam, No Nobody’s Love & Bye Bye Baby Balloon
  • Susan Key: Love Train, Night To Night & Love Is Right
  • Mary Ann: Wonderful & Sugar Boy
  • Marianna: Lovely Day
  • Nathalie: Desperado, Heartbeat, Something In The Night, Really Love Ya, Live It Up!, Love In The Forthcoming Century, The Way You Love Me, I’ll Remember Why I Love You, … and more
  • Larabelle: Say You Will, Lovable Love & Love As A Weapon
  • Crystal: Tonite My Heart & Poison Love
  • Doki Doki: Never Say Never
  • Eurobeat Girls: Saving The World
  • Delta Queens: Music Has The Power

DJ Tururu (feat. “Karry”)

  • Take My Love
  • Carrie
  • Calm The Rage
  • Weight Of The World
  • Just Friends
  • Angels & Heaven (also x-mas version)
  • Love Dreams
  • Te Quiero
  • You Betrayed Us


90’s: Mandy “Magic Moon”, E.x.e.l. “Wonderland”, Sunny Bunny “Body Move”, V&M feat. Celine C. “Body Contact”, The Bikers “Love Will Never Do”, Sissy-N “Witch Doctor”, The Stunned Guys “Hymn”, Head 2 Head “Love Taker”, Division 2 “Out Of My Life”, Dhama “Keep On Movin”, Deely B Dine “Love Me, Hold Me”, Di Martino “You’ll Never Know” & “Little Bird”, Emotions “Feeling Emotions”, Nana “I Believe In You”, Cobra “Desire”, Inside Out “Keep On Dancin”, Advisory “Every Night”, Jolly Mask “Bee”, Di Martino “You’ll Never Know” & “Little Bird”, Not-a-DJ feat. Nathalie “Out Of Control”, Had/ Nana’ “Spirit Of The Night”, Daffodil “Day After Day” & “Only For You”, Debbie Clarke “Virtual Lover” & “Be Your Baby”, Manuela “Stand And Dance”, Margot “Together Forever”, Night Shadows “Something About You”, Revival “Subculture”, WASP “Run To The Future”, Wisdome “Off The Wall” (one of the 3 voices), Angels 4 Children “It’s X-mas”, Bandance “Guiding Star” and many more…

20’s: Carl Fath feat. Nathalie “I Will Run”, Sound On Line feat. Nathalie Aarts “Vodka Lemon”, Alain Ducroix & Michael Sax feat. Nathalie Aarts “Move On”, Stefy NRG feat. Nathalie “Music Is My Life”, Thomas Della Plata feat. Nat “Get It On”, Wiggle Team “Wiggle Dance”, Twine “Wanna Be” and many more…


  • Nathalie Aarts “Change 1991-2021” (30 years in Italy)
  • Nanà feat. Nathalie Aarts “Share My House” (from 1996)
  • Sean Finn & The Soundlovers “Run-away” (+ Flip Capella Remix)
  • DJ Jump x Roby Giordana feat. Nathalie Aarts “Memories” (DJ Maxwell Summer concept 2021)
  • Dance Legacy “A Christmas With Love”


  • Dj Jump x Roby Giordana x Watt & Jack feat. Nathalie Aarts “Make Me Lose”
  • Watt & Jack – Nathalie Aarts “Don’t You Worry”


  • Luis Rodriguez & Nathalie Aarts “The Rhythm Of My Heart”
  • Samus Jay, Nathalie Aarts, MC Fixx It “Never Give You Up”
  • Joy Levanti, Nathalie Aarts “Stranger”


  • Bassential, Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lukas “Lullabye – License to Chill” (from the album “Another Byte From The Past”)
  • Paps, Leo Cavada feat. Nathalie Aarts & Melody Castellari “We Play The 90’s”