2021 DANCE LEGACY – A Christmas With Love

2021 DANCE LEGACY – A Christmas With Love

DANCE LEGACY started as a desire from the Italian-Dance ’90-2000’ artists to come together in a project and to achieve two goals.

The first: to give hope and courage through music and friendship in this collaboration through well known voices, in spite of the recent difficult times, both in and out of the music industry.

The second: to give support, donating the proceeds of the song to the ‘Città Della Speranza’, a foundation that deals with research in the pediatric hematological oncology field.

These are the characteristics at the heart of “DANCE LEGACY” and with this spirit the artists are proud of the release of their first single “A Christmas With Love”.

The song was written by: Annerley Gordon (Ann Lee), Dhany, Erika, Joy Salinas, Kim Lukas, Lady Helen, Luca Zeta, Maya Days (The Tamperer), Melody Castellari (Dear, Lady Violet), Nathalie Aarts (The Soundlovers), Neja, Paps, Rebekka Vox (Rebh from S.m.S.), Sandy Chambers (Netzwerk, Double You, Sandy), produced by Dj Maxwell and Simone Ermacora, with the collaboration of Walter Mangione (Brothers).

The song is embellished with a video made at Elfo Studio Recording in Piacenza in which the spirit of the project is evident.

The friendship and esteem that bind these artists is demonstrated by having put themselves on the same level and having put their talent and skills and their willingness in creating this super teamwork. The goal was to create a beautiful song for this Christmas 2021 that could give back smiles, happiness, light and above all hope in a less uncertain future.

Merry Christmas Everybody….. with love!!!

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