Nat’s Band

The Soundlovers - Surrender (Live BAND Version) 2003

The Soundlovers – Surrender (Live BAND Version) 2003

While Nathalie was touring worldwide as the Soundlovers, she was also still playing in and around Milan with her cover band, when possible. Therefor her request to create a live band version of Surrender and Abracadabra. The  Nat’s Band went into the studio in 2003 and recorded both songs. You can find them on the album “1996 – 2003 best of!” as 2 bonus tracks!

Nathalie - Heartbeat

Nathalie – Heartbeat

After having arrived in Italy she started working with the La Bionda brothers and as vocalist for a few advertising jingles. In December 1991 her work with the brothers resulted in her first record as solo artist, a cover of Lisa Stansfield’s “Change”.

Nathalie - Desperado

Nathalie – Desperado

The Main known projects to which she has not only given her voice, but also her “image” are  The Soundlovers, Happymen, Nat & Kim, Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lukas and lately also many featurings as Nathalie Aarts.