2019 Dj Jump Feat. Nathalie Aarts – Crazy




In January 2018 Dj Jump (in collaboration with Jenny Dee) and Nathalie Aarts had the admirable courage to propose a new single together, in a pure Italo Dance style. This has led to the collaboration of the song “Memories”, exciting, captivating and most definitely still a huge floor filler!

This is where the idea came from, to produce a whole album ….

On the 1st day of February 2019 “Back To The Feat” was released, an album with never-before-seen songs by Dj Jump with the share of the artists that have made history of international Dance Music in the 90s/2000s. With top-class “Feats” By: Erika, Neja, Jeffrey Jey (from Eiffel 65), Haiducii, Magic Box, Nathalie Aarts, Kim Lukas, Paps, Dj Ross, Roby Rossini, Lady Helen, Dj Maxwell & Jenny Dee. Intro by Marco Ravelli that with his voice brings back the most beautiful emotions of a fantastic period!

In this album you can find 2 songs with Nathalie Aarts; “Crazy”, which was the follow up of “Memories” & the beautiful dedication “Thank You”, especially written for the father of Jenny Dee.

I love 2000 Nathalie Aarts Budapest Park Soundlovers 20

I love 2000’s Nathalie Aarts (The Soundlovers) accompanied by DJ Jump @ Budapest Park 2019..

NATHALIE AARTS was born and lived for 21 years in Holland (Breda); During this period her interest for music developed and she studied piano, guitar and, subsequently, singing, but her main passion was dancing and therefor she started studying jazz-dance at an early age and teaching from the age of 14. In 1989 she got her Jazz Dance teacher diploma at the age of 19. After that she studied another year for a specialisation in “Theatre-shows” and in 1991 she decided to leave both Holland and the cover band, The Fuse, of which she had been the female singer for 6 years.

After having arrived in Italy she started working with the La Bionda brothers and as vocalist for a few advertising jingles. In December 1991 her work with the brothers resulted in her first record as solo artist, a cover of Lisa Stansfield’s “Change”.

In the following years Nathalie sang in venues all over Italy with 2 cover-bands and later also with the NOE Gospel Choir and she lent her voice to many pop-dance music projects, working with many different musicians and producers for different music styles.

She also lent her voice to many Eurobeat projects (above all for the Japanese/ Asian market) working with Delta Records / Sinclaire Style for the projects Nathalie, Larabelle, Doki Doki, Crystal, Eurobeat Girls & Delta Queens. She was also the voice of the projects; Joga, with Time Records, produced by Nick Ferrando, Luca Pernici, Giordano Trivellato & Giuliano Sacchetto, released by Toshiba-Emi (Japan) and Susan Key, Mary Ann & Marianna produced by Theo Spagna, Sergio Dall’Ora & Luca Degani and released by Avex (Japan).

The Main known projects to which she has not only given her voice, but also her “image” are The Soundlovers, Happymen, Nat & Kim, Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lukas and lately also many featurings as Nathalie Aarts.

You might not always be able to recognise Nathalie in the various video clips that were produced, that is because she has always chosen not to be identified, to enable her to continue interpreting all her other music projects.

I love 2000 Nathalie Aarts Budapest Park Soundlovers 21

I love 2000’s Nathalie Aarts (The Soundlovers) @ Budapest Park 2019..

You can still find Nathalie performing all over the world with the songs of The Soundlovers (and featurings) in many festivals and she is still producing, writing and singing in various dance projects with different labels all over the world. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

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