Rhythm of My Heart | DJ Luis Rodriguez X Nathalie Aarts

Rhythm of My Heart | Luis Rodriguez – Nathalie Aarts

The song is a step back in time, thanks to the very faithful Eurodance sound, to the voice and lyrics of the Dutch singer Nathalie Aarts; the perfect mix that is immediately conquering the hearts of the nostalgics, who grew up with 90s dance music!

Watt & Jack, Nathalie Aarts - Don't You Worry (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Watt & Jack, Nathalie Aarts – Don’t You Worry (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

#nathalieaarts #wattjack #wattandjack Watt & Jack – Nathalie Aarts – Don’t You Worry Produced, Arranged, Mixed, Mastered by Watt & Jack at Cosmo Studio This video was made and edited by Walter Mangione at Cosmo Studio Thanks to Cotonbro for filming the part of the destroyed city. Thanks to Tess for dancing in our video. Thanks to Two Records for funding the whole project.

NATHALIE AARTS - Change 1991-2021

NATHALIE AARTS – Change 1991-2021

I am here to celebrate and share with you all my 30 years in Italy and therefore I have decided to digitalize my first ever vinyl. I still remember how emotional I felt back then. It was 1991; I had been living in Milan for 5 months and I had already managed to record my very own first record in Via Quintiliano 40 at LOGIC STUDIOS. The song was produced by Carmelo La Bionda, who had the idea to realize a cover, arranged by Roberto Baldi and recorded / mastered by Filippo Gabrielli.  The choice of “Change” was mine, as I adored Lisa Stansfield and also because it transmitted POSIVITY, the same effect the song still has on me today.  This version is the original I sang 30 years ago with a pop-style, including the little defects, created in an era where “melodyne”, “autotune” etc did not yet exist and I hadn’t studied any singing techniques either before recording it, later on I did so at the Civic Jazz School in Milan.

2013 Pulcino Pio - Het Kuikentje Piep

2013 Pulcino Pio – Het Kuikentje Piep

In Novembre 2012 NATHALIE AARTS translated and interpreted in Dutch the very popular song PULCINO PIO which was released in Holland with Sony on January 2nd 2013 as HET KUIKENTJE PIEP, that reached number one of the sales top 40 and I-tunes and for which she obtained a GOLDEN RECORD!

2004 Jolly Mask – Bee

2004 Jolly Mask – Bee

NATHALIE AARTS was born and lived for 21 years in Holland (Breda); during this period her interest for music developed and she studied piano, guitar and, subsequently, singing. In 1984 she was the protagonist of the film “Picking Up The Pieces”, which toured all major European film festivals and won several awards. In 1989 she got a jazz dance teacher diploma, a passion she cultivated even since she was a little girl and in 1991 she decided to leave both Holland and her group, The Fuse, of which she had been the female singer for 6 years.

2004 Happymen - Tesoro

2004 Happymen – Tesoro

In 1992 the first meeting with Max Moroldo at Logic Studios in Milan took place, where Nathalie Aarts was working full-time as a Studio Manager. This lead to a long-time future collaboration and a lot of productions together with, for and on the Do It Yourself label.

1999 Mandy – Magic Moon

1999 Mandy – Magic Moon

After having arrived in Italy she started working with the La Bionda brothers and as vocalist for a few advertising jingles. In December 1991 her work with the brothers resulted in her first record as solo artist, a cover of Lisa Stansfield’s “Change”.