2007 Nathalie & Kim Lukas – Change The World (Electro Club Edit)

2007 Nathalie & Kim Lukas – Change The World (Electro Club Edit)

After having worked together numerous times since 1999 for various promotional tours all over the world and also in the project Girls Party with Neja they both became very close friends, often they would get mistaken as one or the other and from that moment they started to call each other ‘Sis’ like two real sisters!

In the first week of September of 2007 their first single “Change The World” was released.

4 years after the release of their single “Change The World”, on the 5th of July 2011 Nathalie & Kim Lukas found themselves back in the studio and they put their talent together again to make a new song, a very fresh and catchy tune which took us right through the Summer and then after playing on many radio stations and in many open dance clubs under the stars. This production, their second single was titled “Breathe Again” and they worked alongside the well-known music producer Graziano Pegoraro (famous for hits like “Run To Me” by Tracy Spencer, “I Love My Radio” by Taffy and other artists like Ava & Stone, Mato Grosso, T42).

In 2013 Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lukas were back together again to record their third single which was released in June 2013. The title was “Sad Girl” and once again the same team of producers who had worked on “Breathe Again” were on board for this production too.

The song is dedicated to Graziano Pegoraro who we sadly lost suddenly on the 7th of January of 2013, due to a heart attack while he was in his studio mixing this song.

After two years, the two sisters got together again full of creativity and new ideas with the desire to continue and they threw themselves into writing a wonderful new song. And that’s how their collaboration started with Bang Record, “All Right” was the title of this song full of optimism, with an uplifting sound which was released at the end of November 2015.

In 2019 DJ Jump had the brilliant idea to bring together in one album (Released with Bang Record and available also in a double CD format) many artists who were part of the History of dance music; Erika, Neja, Jeffrey Jey, Haiducii, Magic Box, Paps, DJ Ross, Roby Rossini, Lady Helen, DJ Maxwell, Jenny Dee, Nathalie Aarts (with “Crazy” the follow up to “Memories” & “Thank You”) and Kim Lukas (with “Upside Down”) with the title “Back To The Feat”.

All the songs have a clear reference to the “Italo Dance” sound, with a real 90s/2000s feel to them.

Back To The Feat the return of dance music, a project in which Nathalie and Kim have toured Italy and Europe for various live festivals.

“Boogie Baby” is their new amazing single with a modern international sound; the song was written by Roby Santini, songwriter/producer of some of the most successful dance songs of all time like “Up & Down” by Billy More and “Surrender” by The Soundlovers (of which Nathalie is the lead singer) and it is produced together with Alessandro Viale and DJ Ross.

Their fifth single was released on Bang Record on the 2nd of April 2020 and the remix (RSDJ) on April 16th.