NATHALIE AARTS - Change 1991-2021

NATHALIE AARTS – Change 1991-2021

I am here to celebrate and share with you all my 30 years in Italy and therefore I have decided to digitalize my first ever vinyl. I still remember how emotional I felt back then. It was 1991; I had been living in Milan for 5 months and I had already managed to record my very own first record in Via Quintiliano 40 at LOGIC STUDIOS. The song was produced by Carmelo La Bionda, who had the idea to realize a cover, arranged by Roberto Baldi and recorded / mastered by Filippo Gabrielli.  The choice of “Change” was mine, as I adored Lisa Stansfield and also because it transmitted POSIVITY, the same effect the song still has on me today.  This version is the original I sang 30 years ago with a pop-style, including the little defects, created in an era where “melodyne”, “autotune” etc did not yet exist and I hadn’t studied any singing techniques either before recording it, later on I did so at the Civic Jazz School in Milan.