Delta Queens – Music Has The Power

Delta Queens – Music Has The Power

NATHALIE AARTS was born and lived for 21 years in Holland (Breda); During this period her interest for music developed and she studied piano, guitar and, subsequently, singing, but her main passion was dancing and therefor she started studying jazz-dance at an early age and teaching from the age of 14. In 1989 she got her Jazz Dance teacher diploma at the age of 19. After that she studied another year for a specialisation in “Theatre-shows” and in 1991 she decided to leave both Holland and the cover band, The Fuse, of which she had been the female singer for 6 years.

THE SOUNDLOVERS - Be My Man (Glossed Guys remix)

THE SOUNDLOVERS – Be My Man (Glossed Guys remix)

A meeting with the well-known producers Molella, Phil Jay, Roby Santini, Gianni Fontana and German Leguizamon, from Argentina, led to the creation of THE SOUNDLOVERS, a dance music project; since 1996 Nathalie has been the lead vocalist and has realised, under the Do It Yourself label, the following successful singles