1996 The Bikers – Love Will Never Do Without You

1996 The Bikers – Love Will Never Do Without You

NATHALIE AARTS was born and lived for 21 years in Holland (Breda); during this period her interest for music developed and she studied piano, guitar and, subsequently, singing. In 1984 she was the protagonist of the film “Picking Up The Pieces”, which toured all major European film festivals and won several awards. In 1989 she got a jazz dance teacher diploma, a passion she cultivated even since she was a little girl and in 1991 she decided to leave both Holland and her group, The Fuse, of which she had been the female singer for 6 years.

After having arrived in Italy she started working with the La Bionda brothers and as vocalist for a few advertising jingles. In December 1991 her work with the brothers resulted in her first record as solo artist, a cover of Lisa Stansfield’s “Change”.

From 1992 she worked full-time with them at Logic Studios managing the recording studios and it was here that she started collaborating with Dischi Ricordi, working for the first time as a backing vocalist for artists such as: Gianna Nannini (and participation of her first Festivalbar in 1993), Adriano Celentano and the English group Right Said Fred (at Roxy Bar) but also with various musicians and producers as author and as vocalist in various musical projects.

In the following years Nathalie sang in venues all over Italy with a cover-band Foggy Brains and she lent her voice to many pop-dance music projects, working with many different musicians and producers including:  Max Moroldo, Roberto Zucchini, Marcello Catalano, Roberto Turatti, Ronny Jones, Rossano Prini, Gianluca Mensi, Alessandro Viale, Maurizio Braccagni & Roberto Gallo Salsotto (with whom in 1994 she toured Denmark, Finland & Turkey for the project Two Cowboys).

Furthermore, she worked with Theo Spagna, Sergio Dall’Ora, Umberto Ferraro, Massimiliano Falchi, Lamberto Cesaroni (with who she performed in Italy for the project Sistematic from Energy Production), The Stunned Guys “Hymn”, Claudio Lancini, Francesco Marchetti, Giuliano Boursier, Vanni G., Gianni Vitale (E.X.E.L. “Wonderland” 1998), Rafa Marco, Stefy NRG (at the end of November 2007 the album “Music Is My Life” was released, in which she sang the intro and the first song which is also the title song of the album) and many many others.

From the collaboration with Max Moroldo, in 1993 the first project on the label Do It Yourself under the name Happymen “Are You Ready” was released, it followed in 1996 with “Love Is You” (videoclip), produced together with Rossano Prini & Gianluca Mensi. In 2004 the third single “Tesoro” was released, produced by Stefano Mattara & Paolo Gasparin.

She also lent her voice to many Eurobeat projects (above all for the Japanese/ Asian market) working with Delta Records / Sinclaire Style for the projects Nathalie, Larabelle, Doki Doki, Crystal, Eurobeat Girls & Delta Queens. She was also the voice of the projects; Joga, with Time Records, produced by Nick Ferrando, Luca Pernici, Giordano Trivellato & Giuliano Sacchetto, released by Toshiba-Emi (Japan) and Susan Key, Mary Ann & Marianna produced by Theo Spagna, Sergio Dall’Ora & Luca Degani and released by Avex (Japan).

A meeting with the well-known Italian producers Roby Santini, Gianni Fontana, Molella & Phil Jay, led to the creation of The Soundlovers, a dance music project of which  Nathalie has been the lead singer since 1996 and has realised, under the Do It Yourself label, the following successful singles: “Run-away” 1996, “People” (and album) 1997, “Another Day” 1997, “Surrender” 1998, “Mirando El Mar” 1999, “Walking” 1999, “Wonderful Life”2000, “Living In Your Head” 2000, “Abracadabra” 2001, “Flow” 2002, “We Wanna Party” 2002, & “Hyperfolk” 2003 (b-side “All Day All Night”) and “Shake Your Ass” 2004, taking part in major musical shows and radio and television programmes such as: Festivalbar, Super Classifica Show, Roxy Bar, Help, 105 Night Express, Deejay TV, Uno Mattina, Furore, Doppia Vù, Girofestival, San Remo Dance, Euro Machine, Live Zone (Disney Channel), 90 Special in February 2018 and many others, also abroad, such as Musica Sì and Cronacas Marcianas in Spain, Viva in Germany, Toute Fabienne in Holland, Tien om Te Zien and Muziekdoos in Belgium, just to name a few.

In July 2001 she started singing in the Nat’s Band with four new musicians and in October she joined one of the best-known Gospel groups, the No One Else, with which she has been taking part in several concerts in many big theatres and gospel festivals, both in Italy and abroad.

You might not always be able to recognise Nathalie in the various video clips that were produced, that is because she has always chosen not to be identified, to enable her to continue interpreting all her other music projects.

In August 2006, after a 2-year break, 2 new songs were published; the previously unpublished “Can’t Stop Dancing” and a cover version of the song by Eight Wonder feat. Patsy Kensit titled “I’m Not Scared”.

December 2007 sees the long awaited second release in Italy and Europe of the (first) single of The Soundlovers Run-away 2008”, with new versions coming from Germany and one of our own producers Roby Santini “RSDJ”.

In the summer another single of The Soundlovers was released, a cover of Marvin Gardens “My Body and Soul”, produced by Paolo Ortelli, when Nathalie is six months pregnant!

NATHALIE & KIM LUKAS, having worked together since 1999 for various promotions all over the world and with Neja as part of the project Girls Party, the two have become friends, also because of the fact that they have often been mistaken one for the other, so much so that sometimes they are given back the wrong passports at customs. The two have therefore had the idea of singing like ‘two real sisters’. In October 2007 their first single “Change The World” was published on the Ritmica label, produced by Massimo Perini, Simon Ermacora and Nikholas Murphy.

In March of 2011 the single Carl Fath featuring Nathalie Aarts “I Will Run” was released, their first collaboration together.

On July 5th 2011 Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lukas united their talent again to realise a new song, very fresh and easy listening, which accompanied us the whole summer and also after on all radio stations and dancefloors…

This song, titled “Breathe Again” starts from a meeting with the famous author and composer Graziano Pegoraro (of the hit “Run To Me” by Tracy Spencer, and other successful artists such as Ava & Stone, Mato Grosso, T42, Taffy) and Luca Zeta, producer and colleague of Nathalie and Kim, who was the supervisor of this song.

In April 2012 the song  “Vodka Lemon” Sound on Line featuring Nathalie Aarts was released on Quick label, produced by Carlo Polliano.

In Novembre 2012 she translated and interpreted in Dutch the very popular song PULCINO PIO which was released in Holland with Sony on January 2nd 2013 as HET KUIKENTJE PIEP, that reached number one of the sales top 40 and I-tunes and for which she obtained a GOLDEN RECORD!

In April 2013 four new remixes of Surrender “2K13” were released on DIY label and in June the “2K13” remixes of Run-away, which was the first single of the Soundlovers in 1996.

The third single together with Kim Lukas, titled “Sad Girl”, was released in June 2013, last product realised by Graziano Pegoraro, who unfortunately left us in January 2013.

And on Sept. 24th 2013 the long awaited, new single of The Soundlovers, one of Made in Italy’s most creative and successful production teams of the 90’s, reunited to reach the top again with the single “Be my man” written by Molella, Roby Santini, Phil Jay and Nathalie Aarts, once again with the beautiful and amazing Dutch singer on vocals.

Further to Molella’s version (Mollymix short and long) you can find the versions by Rsdj and J-Art, collaboration by one of the legendary producers and one of the most interesting new teams of the last few years. To fill the package, the remix by Glossed Guys.

After a 2 year break, the two “sisters” put their creativity together again and they create the beautiful song “All Right”, in collaboration with Bang Record, full of optimism and happy sounds, released in November 2015 under the name NAT & KIM.

In February 2016, the song: Alain Ducroix & Michael Sax featuring Nathalie “Move On” was released, by the German record label Andorfine Records with lyrics written by Nathalie.

In January 2018 Dj Jump and Nathalie Aarts had the admirable courage to propose a new single together in a pure Italo Dance style. This has led to the collaboration of “Memories”, exciting, captivating and most definitely a huge floor filler!

After this big hit in Italy, they decided to produce an album with the name Back To The Feat, which seas a lot of artist of the 90’s dance scene interpreting a NEW SONG! Names as: Jeffrey Jey (of Eiffel 65), Erika, Magic Box, Neja, Kim Lukas, Haiducii, Dj Ross ecc. and 2 new titles of Nathalie Aarts “Crazy” & Thank You”.

This album (a double cd) was released on February 1st 2019 and is available in all stores and digital stores, on Sony Music Italy.

In 2020 NAT & KIM finished their fifth single together which was released (as Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lukas) on April 2nd and the remix (RSDJ) on April 16th on Bang Record.

This time produced by Roby Santini, who we remember also as the producer of The Soundlovers, Billy More and many others, and in collaboration with Alessandro Viale and DJ Ross.

You can still find Nathalie performing all over the world with the songs of The Soundlovers (and other) in many festivals and still singing in various dance projects with different labels all over the world.