NATHALIE AARTS was born and lived for 21 years in Holland (Breda); during this period her interest for music developed and she studied piano, guitar and, subsequently, singing. In 1989 she got a jazz dance teacher diploma, a passion she cultivated ever since she was a little girl.

A meeting with the well-known Italian producers Roby Santini, Gianni Fontana, Molella & Phil Jay led to the creation of THE  SOUNDLOVERS, a dance music project, of which Nathalie has been the lead singer since 1996 and has realised, under the Do It Yourself label, the following successful singles: “Run-away” 1996, “People” (and album with the same title) 1997, “Another Day” 1997, “Surrender” 1998, “Mirando El Mar” 1999, “Walking” 1999, “Wonderful Life” 2000, “Living In Your Head” 2000, “Abracadabra” 2001, “Flow” 2002, “We Wanna Party” 2002, “Hyperfolk” 2003 (and b-side “All Day All Night”) and “Shake Your Ass” 2004, taking part in major musical shows and radio and television programmes in Italy such as: Festivalbar, Super Classica Show, Help, Roxy Bar, 105 Night Express, Deejay TV, Uno Mattina, Furore, Doppia Vù, Girofestival, San Remo Dance, Euro Machine, Live Zone (Disney Channel), 90 Special in 2018 and many others, also abroad, such as Tien om Te Zien (Belgium), Muziekdoos (Belgium), TMF – Toute Fabienne (The Netherlands), Viva – Interaktiv (Germany), Viva – Clubrotation (Germany), Musica Sì (Spain), Cronacas Marcianas (Spain), and many more.

You might not always be able to recognise Nathalie in the various video clips that were produced, that is because she has always chosen not to be identified, to enable her to continue interpreting all her other music projects.

In August 2006, after a 2-year break, 2 new songs were published; the previously unpublished “Can’t Stop Dancing” and a cover version of the song by Eight Wonder feat. Patsy Kensit titled “I’m Not Scared”.

December 2007 sees the long awaited second release in Italy and Europe of the (first) single of The Soundlovers Run-away 2008”, with new versions coming from Germany and one of our own producers Roby Santini “RSDJ”.

In July 2008 “My Body And Soul” was released, a cover of Marvin Gardens, while Nathalie is 6 months pregnant of a little baby girl… with the collaboration of Paolo Ortelli.

And after a 5 year “break” ……

In April 2013 four new remixes of Surrender 2K13 were released on DIY label and in June the remixes of Run-away 2k13, which was their first single in 1996, that, first of all countries, became a hit in Germany thanks to Polydor Mighty (Polygram Hamburg).

And on Sept. 24th 2013 (the last release) one of Made in Italy’s most creative and successful production teams of the 90’s, reunited to reach the top again with the single “Be My Man” written by Molella, Roby Santini, Phil Jay and Nathalie Aarts, once again with the amazing Dutch singer on vocals.

Further to Molella’s version (Mollymix) you can find the versions by RSDJ and J-Art, collaboration by one of the legendary producers and one of the most interesting new teams of the last few years. To fill the package, the remix by Glossed Guys. Of this song there are two video-clips available.

You can still find Nathalie performing all over the world with the songs of The Soundlovers (and featurings) in many festivals and she is still producing, writing and singing in various dance projects with different labels all over the world.